OTT – Original Trace Tracks

Im Magazin erschienen im Herbst Original Trace Tracks (OTT). Hier findest du diese nun auf einen Blick:

OTT #22 – Phil Doyle – „Bit of Cambdridge Steez“

Again a video before the HD-Boom on YouTube, and with a young Phil Doyle. This video, released in summer 2008, blew so many people away. Precisions, lachés, armjumps everything is beatuiful brilliant with a lot of power and a decent touch in his landings. (I met Phil in 2008 twice and his landings were – until today – the smoothest landings I every saw…)
The track is a chilled remix from Nomak on his album „Recalm“. Funny detail: Nomak remixed his own album (Calm) and called it „Recalm“. Both albums defo worth a listening.

„Hi,Mom!~A Prayer For World Peace“


OTT #23 Lewie West

The next video of this little series is a non-Parkour video. But it was shared by a lot of Traceurs around 2009. The guy is Lewie West and well known for is „floor play“. He is so creative with his body and movements. I followed him since then and he has a lot of stuff he is working in and is defenetily „etre et durer“. Follow him if you want to be inspired to move. Also he has a great taste of music: Bliss ‘n’ Eso with Eye of the Storm.

Cheers downunder


OTT#24 Sam Withehead

This weeks video is one oft he oldest non-french-origin in this series. Sam Whitehead and his friends summer training 2006 (!) in Cambridge. Back in the days it was really a thing and I hope that the new generation can enjoy this very first steps. In his steps, jumps and moves Phil Doyle and the other next gen kids grew up. Song is Crooked by „Evil Nine“ – cant stop headbanging to this beat.

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