Freundschaften, die aus der geteilten Leidenschaft für Parkour entstanden sind, sind wie Parkour selbst: Sie sind ehrlich, echt und überwinden Sprach- und Landesgrenzen.

Mit unseren Freunden von Street Movement, Parkour Paris sowie Parkour Serbien verbindet uns eine langjährige Freundschaft und wir freuen uns immer, wenn wir ein Teil ihrer oder sie ein Teil unserer Parkour-Familie sein dürfen.


Street Movement (Dänemark)


17637233_1646180848744617_162371461012811773_o “We have worked with ParkourONE on many occasions, from small workshop-based events up to full-week seminars and also long-commitment commercial show work. We are also involved with ParkourONE on more philanthropic level with community work, both on a very hands-on level with meetings and events but also with a more longterm commitment working for a positive future on an organisational level. We have always felt safe and valued in the partnership with ParkorONE and can highly recommend their services.”

— Martin Kallesøe (partner in Street Movement, coach at Gerlev Sports Academy and board member at

Parkour Paris (Frankreich)


“We know the guys from ParkourONE for more than 6 years now. There are doing a great job all around Europe. We have a lot of respect for them.”

— Thibault Granier (Parkour Paris)

Parkour Srbija (Serbien)


“The same spirit, in which we believe, connected us. For me personally it’s always a pleasure to be with members of ParkourONE because I feel like I`ve known them for my whole life. The same passion, same goals and sincerity made our relationship stronger. I see a great future between those friendly communities, and I see that Parkour will also benefit from it.”

— Bogdan Cvetkovic (Parkour Srbija)